12/10/2015 - News

Uganda, Tanzania, Total E&P Uganda and Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation sign Memorandum of understanding on crude oil export pipeline framework


Uganda and Tanzania have signed an agreement to explore the option of building a crude oil pipeline through Tanzania. This development comes after the Government of the Republic of Uganda, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, Total E&P Uganda and Tanzania Petroleum Development Corp (TPDC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to identify and assess the least cost crude oil export pipeline route to the East African Coast.

The agreement creates a working framework for the potential development of a crude export pipeline project option from Hoima to Tanga Port of Tanzania. The objective is to select a route that will result in the lowest unit transportation cost and constitute the most viable option for the pipeline project. "As a country, we are evaluating the routes with the idea that we have the least-cost route," said Mr. Kabagambe Kaliisa, the Permanent Secretary to ministry of Energy of Uganda. "We would like to ensure that our crude oil has value."

For more information: Ministry of Energy Uganda website