09/11/2015 - Press release

Total E&P Uganda boosts Hoima, Buliisa efforts to fight cholera

Buliisa/Hoima, November 09, 2015

Total E&P Uganda, the licensed operator of oil Exploration Area 1 and 1A (EA 1 & 1A) has donated an assortment of medical supplies to boost the efforts of Hoima, Masindi and Buliisa districts in the fight against cholera. This follows an outbreak of the disease within the area especially in Hoima district at landing sites along the shores of Lake Albert.

Each of the districts will receive medical items to include; 625units of disposable gowns, 90pairs of boots, 36bottles of antiseptic scrub, 9 jerry-cans of 10litres each of disinfectant, 600units of 500ML bottles of IV fluids and 30boxes of 1,000 each units of disposable gloves.

“We are making a donation comprising an assortment of medical supplies as part of our Health and Safety initiatives, to reinforce the efforts of the district local governments of Masindi, Hoima and Buliisa to combat water borne diseases including cholera,” Amar Moussa, the Health and Safety Manager at Total E&P Uganda said in a statement.

“We have noted over time that the rainy season nationwide increases the prevalence of water borne diseases. This is more so around the landing sites on the shores of Lake Albert. Predominate of these opportunistic diseases is cholera whose outbreaks are prevalent during this time of the year As a result of this, the district health resources; both human and financial usually constrained in an effort to combat these diseases” said Total E&P Uganda’s PRO Christopher Ocowun while making the donation to Buliisa district officials today.

Hoima Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Luke Lokuda expressed gratitude to Total E&P Uganda for donating the assorted medical supplies to the districts to boost the fight against cholera. “These medical supplies will go a long way in improving the working conditions of the health workers who are in the communities attending to cholera patients” he remarked. Lokuda challenged other corporate organisations to emulate Total E&P Uganda and support the fight against cholera. He said the ultimate solution to the problem of cholera is to improve on the sanitation in the fishing villages along the shores of Lake Albert.

The CAO noted that although no new deaths have been reported, there are still new cases of cholera being reported at the health facilities. The epidemic has so far killed six people and affected many others at landing sites in Kabwooya and Buseruka sub counties on the shores of Lake Albert in Hoima district since the outbreak was confirmed by medical team during the month of October. He also cautioned the communities against self medication.

The donations were handed-over to the leaderships of Hoima Masindi and Buliisa districts on Thursday 05 and Friday 06 November, 2015 at the respective district head quarters.

Cholera is a fast-developing, highly contagious infection that causes diarrhea, leading to severe dehydration and possible death. Cholera is common in crowded places with poor sanitation where people eat food and drink water which are contaminated with faeces. Communities are encouraged to use latrines, eat well cooked food,drink boiled water and wash hands after visiting latrines and before eating food. They are also advised to avoid foods and drinks sold by street vendors.