10/03/2016 - Press release

More students to benefit from the annual Total secondary education scholarships

Buliisa/Nwoya, March 10, 2016

Total E&P Uganda has offered scholarships to yet another batch of 20 students as part of the annual local scholarship bourse. This brings to 80; the number of students Total E&P Uganda has sponsored to attain the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education under its Local Scholarship Program since 2013.

According to Christopher Ocowun, the PRO of Total E&P Uganda, annually the company in partnership with the District Education Officers of Nebbi, Nwoya Masindi and Buliisa invite applications for the local scholarships programnme which were initiated in 2013.

“All over the world, Total aims at promoting access to knowledge through initiatives like scholarships and educational programs. We have made education and capacity building our duty and commitment because we believe that there is no success without promoting and integrating local talent. This is the fourth year that Total E&P Uganda has been sponsoring 20 students for A-Level education in top secondary schools in Kampala,” Ocowun said.

The selected students are from the districts of Nwoya, Nebbi, Buliisa and Masindi, which cover Total’s Exploration Area. The students who are to undertake Advanced level studies towards the achievement of the UACE have already reported to the different top secondary schools within the country namely; King’s College Budo, St Mary’s College Kisubi, Namilyango College, Seeta High School Mukono, Trinity College Nabingo and Seeta High School green campus.

Total hopes that enrolling the beneficiaries in these schools will help them compete favorably with their counterparts in the city at the national examinations and improve their chances of gaining entry into some of the recognized universities and other institutions of higher learning.

The scholarships have been awarded to the best performing students within the districts, with a focus on scientific fields. The Total Local Scholarship pioneers have successfully joined different universities and other institutions of higher learning and are pursuing science related courses.

Ocowun revealed that the Total E&P Uganda scholarships cover school fees, scholastic materials, medical insurance, and also takes care of the accommodation at school. We also cater for transport to and from school for the students and accompanying parents and also facilitate the parents’ visitation trips,” he added.

The company additionally has amongst its offerings the vocational scholarships and girl child O’level scholarships, all targeting people within the company’s operational area.