29/10/2015 - Press release

Eight teams qualify for Total mini football league in Buliisa


Buliisa, October 29, 2015

Eight (8) football teams from Exploration Area 1 operated by Total E&P Uganda are participating in this year’s mini football league organized by the oil company in Buliisa District.

The teams from Kigwera and Ngwedo sub counties qualified to take part in this year 2015 Total E&P Uganda mini football league after successfully completing the qualifier games organized by Buliisa district football association.

The participating teams include Total E&P Uganda’s team comprising of the company’s staff and contractors, Kichoke FC, Lake Star, X-International FC, Ngwedo United FC, Ajio Central FC, Katanga FC and Nile Star FC. Referees selected from within Buliisa district by the district football association will arbitrated the matches

The league according to Chris Ocowun, the PRO of Total E&P Uganda, kicks-off on October 29, 2015 until November 27th, 2015. The league will be played in two grounds; Ndandamire primary school ground and Ajigo Rhino playground.

“Total E&P Uganda initiated this mini football league to bring together communities of Buliisa district and Total E&P Uganda as one family to foster free interaction while promoting and strengthening relationship within the Exploration Area-1,” Ocowun remarked.

He said the company also hopes to promote healthy living among the youth in the two sub counties of Kigwera and Ngwedo through such sporting activities.

While flagging off the league, Buliisa District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Stephen Oloya commended Total E&P Uganda for initiating the football competition that he said has helped unite the communities in the area.

The chairman of Buliisa district football association, Saddam Rugadya stated that through the league; the upcoming football teams in Buliisa district will grow and become bigger to form one district team.

“Engaging the youth in sporting activities like this make the young people busy and reduces crime rate in the community. Besides we expect the teams to be discipline and play fair games without hurting themselves and abide by the fixture,” Rugadya advised.

The teams will play against each other to the finals where an eventual winner will receive a trophy and a bull; various prizes will be awarded to all the participants as well.

  • CAO_StevenOloya_Football_AjigoCentralFC_TotalLeague_Buliisa

    Buliisa CAO Steven Oloya hands over footballs to Ajigo Central FC during the launch of the 2015 Total mini league in Buliisa

  • TotalLeague_Ngwedo_TotalEPUganda_Buliisa

    Total team (red) tussles it out with Ngwedo United FC (blue) during the launch of 2015 Total mini league in Buliisa

  • TotalLeague_Ngwedo_TotalEPUganda_Buliisa

    Total team (red) tussles it out with Ngwedo United FC (blue) during the opening of 2015 Total mini league launch in Buliisa

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