Susan, Human Resource Manager

Susan has been with the group for 20 years and was the 1st female manager in Total M&S Uganda in 2005. Susan is passionate about diversity and the growth of women in the company. She believes that once availed equal opportunities, women can achieve whatever men can.

Could you please tell us about your journey with Total?

I joined Total in 1995 when ladies were few in the company but also when women in management were almost none existent in the affiliate. My journey began in the legal department, and was later appointed Human Resource and Administration Manager in 2001. In 2014, I was assigned to Total E&P Uganda as the first national employee on the management committee. It was quite exciting to make a transition from Total downstream to upstream right in Uganda.

How are you committing to better energy?

My ascent to the Human Resource office coincided with the feminization drive by the group which presented me the opportunity to push for women recruitment. This was done through ensuring that all information about available opportunities in the company was well communicated to women hence availing them with equal opportunities to participate. The empowerment of women has been at the forefront of my career; from the about 10% women that existed in the company, we were able to push this to 40% at the M&S Uganda affiliate.

What advice do you have for women aspiring to grow with Total?

If you are looking to build a career, then Total is the place to be. As a woman, I believe I have been given the opportunity to shine, regardless of the stereotypes that exist generally about women and career. Through diversity, Total is committed to the inclusion and development of women in all spheres within the company.

Suzan, Total E&P Uganda

"Grab any opportunity that comes your way, the sky is the limit." Susan


  • 2014 – Present

    Human Resource and Administration Manager, Total E&P Uganda

  • 2001-2013

    Human Resource and Administration Manager, M&S Uganda

  • 1995-2001

    Department of Legal Affairs, Total M&S Uganda

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